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About Corry Capital Advisors

Corry Capital Advisors, LLC (CCA) was founded in 2006. CCA specializes in providing investment management to investors seeking uncorrelated returns in the Life Settlement asset class. CCA invests in non-contestable Life Insurance policies and utilizes a proprietary methodology to target consistent returns based on actuarial predictability.

Corry Capital Advisors is directly affiliated with a licensed life settlement company, SLG Life Settlements, LLC, that is able to purchase insurance policies direct from consumers. Bypassing intermediaries, CCA is able to avoid heavy transaction based intermediary fee load and maximize the investment return for the investor. For more information about SLG Life Settlements see,

CCA’s senior management team averages 25 years of experience in financial services with a focus in the life insurance and life settlement industries. CCA’s investors include Public Pension Funds, Taft Hartley Pension Plans, and Family Offices. CCA provides transparency to its investors with an audited track record, calculated independently by a third-party administration firm and policies held in custody. Realized gains are from policy maturities or by trading policies in the tertiary market. CCA prides itself on compliance, efficiency, and transparency of their policy underwriting processes. Corry Capital Advisors, LLC (CCA), a Delaware limited liability company, is registered as an investment adviser under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, amended. Additional information about Corry Capital Advisors, LLC is available on the SEC’s website at,