Corry Capital Advisors (CCA) manages and invests in a diversified portfolio of in-force, non-variable individual life insurance policies. The policies are purchased with the objective of obtaining attractive absolute and risk-adjusted returns with a low correlation to other asset classes and investment types. CCA utilizes a proprietary methodology to target consistent returns based on actuarial predictability.

CCA’s rigorous due diligence process for policy acquisition ensures insurance policies were originated with correct insurable interest.

CCA seeks to mitigate the longevity risk associated with investing in smaller numbers of policies by maximizing the number of policies in a fund’s portfolio while adhering to fund buying parameters. Policy diversification is achieved through the evaluation of medical records, life expectancies, insurance carriers and other factors to ensure minimal risk exposure. CCA continuously reviews policies through obtaining updated medical records to improve accuracy in valuation.

SLG Life Settlements, LLC, (SLG) is a licensed life settlement company that acquires policies for Corry Capital Advisors Investment Funds. SLG purchases policies in the secondary and tertiary markets. Bypassing intermediaries, CCA is able to utilize SLG to avoid a heavy intermediary fee load and maximize the investment return for the investor. This affiliation allows CCA to maintain complete control over policy acquisition and portfolio construction.

Service Providers

CCA Fund 3rd Party Service Providers

Any third-parties listed are separate and unaffiliated and are not responsible for each others products, services, or policies.

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