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Investment Strategy

Corry Capital Advisors' unique position as a vertically integrated investment advisor, allows us to offer an investment solution with a dedicated focus on sourcing capability, premium optimization, in-house servicing, and risk mitigation through our in-house portfolio management

CCA has an extended track record of being able to deploy capital into life insurance policies with over 1,900 policies purchased, with a face amount in excess of $6.0B

CCA has robust deployment capabilities, with over $13B in death benefit evaluated for purchase over the past year. Through CCA's meticulous due diligence process a fraction of the policies evaluated were purchased

Corry Capital Advisors' Value Proposition

Unique Investment Access

Extensive relationships and strong reputation allow access to high-quality opportunities 

Disciplined Acquisition Process

Strict buying parameters and in-depth 46 point checklist performed by in-house due diligence team

Continuous Portfolio Management

Continuous monitoring of the insureds health allows for real-time assessment of each policy owned 

Strong Returns in All Market Cycles

Strong target IRR due to unique access and premium optimization capabilities


Policy Investment Lifecycle

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Policy Origination

Due Diligence

Policy Pricing

Direct Purchase

Policy Management

Policy Maturity

Policies are submitted directly to CCA. Because CCA can purchase directly from the insured, in some cases intermediary fees can be avoided

Each insured is individually underwritten for their life expectancy by two independent medical actuarial companies. Due diligence is performed on each policy utilizing a proprietary 46 point checklist.

Policy is priced based off of an illustration direct from the insurance company to determine future cost of policy premiums. Offer is made off the present value. 

Purchase agreements issued for sign off by insured / counterparty, trustee, and all beneficiaries

Ownership and beneficiary rights are transferred to CCA. Through limited power of attorney, updated medical records and life expectancy reports are ordered.

Upon death of the insured, the death benefit is paid to the Fund.

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